Learn about our new ESPORTS team with these FAQ's!

Learn about our new ESPORTS team with these FAQ's!


What games will we compete in?

- League of Legends, Overwatch, Super Smash Bros


How many teams will we have per game?

- Right now, we are looking for 2 for each game


Is this a Varsity team?

- YES! But we also have a gaming club!


Are there scholarships available?

- YES! Scholarships based on ability!


Will we be competing on PC or Console?

- BOTH! We will have 12 high end custom built PC rigs. (240 GB, SSD, 1TB, i7 processor, Nvidia GTX 160 Super Video Card).

- Nintendo Switch for Super Smash Bro's!

- PS4 for future competitive titles!


Is there on-campus housing?

  • YES! At our Syracuse campus!


Who will we compete against?

  • We will be in the National Association of Collegiate ESPORTS! (NACE)
  • We will compete against teams associateed with NACE!


How many matches will you have per semester?

  • We plan on having at least 4 per semester!


How to apply?

- Submit VOD to cmmoehringer@bryantstratton.edu

  • Or call 315-472-6603 and ask for Cory!


Our ESPORTS lab will be completed by the new year!! Call now to set up your personal visit and tour!!



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